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The RodBuckle, made by BoatBuckle, is designed by fishermen for fishermen. RodBuckle's retractable rod hold-down system is the most attractive and functional rod latching system on the market. The self-retractable polyester strap extends a full 24 inches, locking into position on the casting deck. The PVC extrusion coated strap firmly grips your rods and is engineered to resist hook penetration. The RodBuckle installs into the boat's gunwale, and when not in use, neatly retracts out of the way.

Used in conjunction with the RodBuckle, the BoatBuckle Housing Adapter allows you to install the RodBuckle system directly to the casting deck as opposed to the traditional way of installing the RodBuckle, which requires you to cut into your gunwail.

Another option to be use in conjunction with the RoadBuckle - the Concealed Mounting RodBuckle Conversion Kit requires a little more effort with regards to installation, but provides better esthetics by concealing a portion of the system and replacing the RodBuckles enlarged rectangular face plate with a sleeker one.

Mounting template, instructions and hardware are included with all BoatBuckle products.