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The Motion jig is the perfect all rounder. A hybrid shape of both the OP Football and the Equip Hybrid, the Motion jig will do it all. Slowly crawl it over rock and wood, or swim it through weed and grass. The unique head shape allows for an upright action when stationary, and the tapered nose and vertical line tie allow it to come through weed without hanging up. The fine silicone skirt of the Motion jig is also cut in a more traditional finesse style, short at the front to produce extra flare, with a few longer strands that work with your trailer to draw a bite.

As with all Pro's Factory jigs, the skirt is premium quality and hand tied to properly secure it to the hook forever. You will not have to worry about a rubber band degrading and allowing the skirt to move. A premium quality Japanese #2/0 hook is strong enough that you'll never have to worry about bending it, while remaining needle sharp even after multiple fish catches. The fiber weed guard is hand glued into place, this ensures perfect alignment along the shank of the hook