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The Equip Hybrid jig is the perfect compact jig for fishing through cover. The more streamlined head shape than that of the OP Football or Motion Jig makes it slip through cover much easier. The head shape still allows the jig to sit upright on the bottom, allowing for the most natural look when the bait is stationary. The Equip Hybrid is tied with a combination of fine rubber and silicone skirting material. Silicone is available in a much more wide array of colours, whereas rubber tends to flare underwater much better. Combining the two materials with silicone on the top and fine rubber underneath gives the best combination of action and colour choices.

As with all Pro's Factory jigs, the skirt is premium quality and hand tied to properly secure it to the hook forever. You will not have to worry about a rubber band degrading and allowing the skirt to move. A premium quality Japanese #2/0 hook is strong enough that you'll never have to worry about bending it, while remaining needle sharp even after multiple fish catches. The fiber weed guard is hand glued into place, this ensures perfect alignment along the shank of the hook. 

These are undoubtedly the number one compact profile flipping jig on the market. Premium quality hooks, premium hand tied skirts, perfect weed guards. If you need a smaller profile jig but want quality? Look no further.