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The Drunk Fly by Megabass is a new rubber jig extremely innovative and effective, it should be noticed at once the shape of the head, this expedient have been made to avoid to the Drunk Fly the fall towards the bottom lateral, this rubber jig, the contrary, will always have a optimal presentation, truly unique.

Indicated for hunting in fresh water to huge black bass, pike, zander, and chub.

The shape of his head, unique its kind, allows the Drunk Fly once launched descend vertically into the seabed with a straight trajectory, without lateral oscillations even in case of strong currents.

Its action begins reached the bottom, where the skirt will go to lean on in an extremely soft and natural, thanks to its center of gravity, which is placed right in the apex, before his eyes, subsequently, as in the pictures attached, will be enough exert small tears to attract with its jumps the preys in such devastating, lethal !

The Drunk Fly is produced with the best materials gummy present in the market for resist for long, great product of Megabass !

The new DRUNK FLY going to be our extra weapon in swimming jig !