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The Mann's E-Z 30+ Crankbait is designed to reach the same extreme depth as the original Mann’s Depth Plus 30+ Crank, but with over 30% LESS RESISTANCE during retrieval. Its patented lip design has been modified to allow it to slice through the water with a tighter wiggle, which will allow anglers the chance to fish longer without wearing down from the heavy pull of other deep diving lures.

Mann’s recommends using 12-14lb line and making a long cast with the lure hanging 8-10” from the rod tip. Then with the rod tip just above the water, use a slow to medium retrieve. This will allow the Mann's E-Z 30+ Crankbait to perform at its maximum depth of over 30ft. Available in a range of colors, the Mann's E-Z 30+ Crankbait gets down deep and never wears you out.

100% Made in America

Mann's Length Weight Depth Class
EZ 30+ 3-1/2" 1.5oz 30+ Floating