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One of the best blade lures to hit the retail shelves in recent times is the Berkley Powerblade lure. Designed my Matt Frazer who is a member of the Berkley Fishing pro team here in Australia, these small blade lures are dynamite in targeting many fish species in lakes, bays and rivers in particular.

Fish species that you can expect to catch on these ripper little blade lures are fish such as tailor, jewfish, flathead, bream, bass and even whiting will have the odd go at this brilliant lure.

The Berkley Powerblade fishing lure is one of my personal favourites for tailor and bream (which you will see one example in our images). Why I love these blade lures so much is their vibration that they put out and all with very little rod manipulation. So, this makes a cracking little lure for kids as well since you can get away with simply casting it out and telling them to slowly wind it in. Whilst this is such a basic method you will still catch fish and the plus side is you can feel the lure vibrating on the retrieve so it helps to keep the kids amused.

Power blades have been designed to entice more strikes and you can often expect a fish to hit the lure even on a drop as it glides through the water column.

Not only has Matt Frazer and Berkley Fishing perfected the design of these lures to produce the best action, they have also made sure that quality materials are used to withstand a fair amount of fish punishment. 


Features and Specifications

  • Type: Metal vibration lure otherwise known as a blade lure
  • Suitable for fishing in lakes, rivers, bays, harbours, dams, impoundments etc
  • Great for targeting: bream, bass, flathead, tailor, whiting, redfin, trout, mulloway and more.
  • Built complete with Owner treble hooks and rings (yes lure is rigged with hooks ready to fish)