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Atomic hologram tape can be used to add additional reflection to any lure. It can be cut and trimmed to suit any shape and uses hard wearing adhesive to ensure it stays connected in the marine environment.

Colours: Gold (GO), Silver (S), Red (R), Green (G)


At Atomic, we understand how important it is that you have the best available products to chase your finned adversaries. Sometimes you need that little bit extra to tempt a fish, so we have worked hard at developing a range of accessories called Trick Bitz, to ensure no matter where you are, you can have everything you need for every situation.


Everyone likes to pimp their lures whether it be paint, weights or flash tape, so here under one banner you have a complimentary range of products to make you lure presentations stand out. Create you own custom hardbody colours with our paints and UV dips, add some flashy tape and stick on a weight to make your lure suspend. See that awful lead jig head, powder coat it to match your plastic, slide in a rattle and away you go. The limits of these products is limited only to your imagination.