Jackall TN50ft  Full Tungsten
The full tungsten TN50 is the same body as our regular models but with a heavier noise.  The...
Spinmad Tailspinners 19g Twin pack
Spin mad tails spinners are made from tungsten which allows for a smaller profile without sacrificing the weight...
Fish Arrow Gulity 1/2oz ********Clearance**********
3 Types of speed & action can be chosen via the 3 holes on the top of the...
The FLAT CB is a series of crank baits featuring styling that's as functional as it is beautiful....
Zman Crawdadz 4"
Out of stock
Sporting an extremely natural crayfish body shape, CrawdadZ are the go-to craw bait serious fishermen consistently turn to...
https://youtu.be/Q0-KpYHNJrM   82mm 26g slow sinking
Tight wiggling action for maximum flash and vibration. The Arashi Rattling Flat gets down faster than any other...
Jackall Zagger 65
This is a tight action diving suspending minnow designed to be twitched and stalled.When twitched the lure zig...
Arashi Storm 18ft
Tight wiggling action for maximum flash and vibration. The Arashi Deep gets down faster than any other in...
The Rapala Jigging Rap Ice Jig is a vertical jigging ice jig lure that mimics the action of...
Tiemco Metal Sonic Blade 1/2oz
Sonic Metal is the metal lure of standard “metal vibration” or “blade” developed by the pro Tiemco staff....
Imakatsu Cracker Craw
Out of stock
Cracker Craw combines brilliant colours & finishes with tuned rattles & high pitch blade attachments to give you...
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